THE KALI PROJECT is published!

CONGRATULATIONS THE WAIT IS OVER … The Kali Project is LIVE and print copies are for sale via Amazon:…/dp/1951724062/ref=sr_1_1…

For the first time ever we have also made the publication available via an Indian distributor Pothi, enabling our Indian readers to purchase copies locally:…/candice-louisa-daquin-editor…/

Book Depository:…/9781951724061…

Barnes & Noble:…/the-kali…/1138632460…

A hard cover version and Kindle will be forthcoming. KALI will also be for sale in Book People & BookWagon and you can order The Kali Project via your independent bookstore (via The Ingram Group).

PLEASE consider purchasing a copy to support this worthy project AND upload any pre-press reviews you have written to help us succeed in getting this incredible book out there.

Contact Megha Sood or Candice Louisa with any questions. Thank you so much to everyone involved, especially Christine Elizabeth for her incredible formatting of The Kali Project.

The Kali Project is a nearly 600 page collection of some of the most famous Indian poets and writers and artists in the world, as well as acolytes, children, teens, and new writers, coming together to create a groundbreaking anthology of writing and art.

The purpose of The Kali Project was to highlight inequality in all forms, speaking to sexism, racism, caste-inequality, gender, income, education. The value of these potent poems and artworks will be immediately obvious and we really hope you will consider being part of The Kali movement by purchasing a copy and leaving a review.

Audio readings by the authors of The Kali Project, reading their work featured in the anthology:


24 thoughts on “THE KALI PROJECT is published!

  1. I am so deeply moved by this and look forward to enjoying the surely poignant writing in this book with a full heart.
    Thank you for helping it come into being.

  2. Congratulations!!

    On Wed, Jan 20, 2021 at 1:24 PM TheFeatheredSleep wrote:

    > TheFeatheredSleep posted: ” CONGRATULATIONS THE WAIT IS OVER … The Kali > Project is LIVE and print copies are for sale via Amazon: >…/dp/1951724062/ref=sr_1_1… For the first > time ever we have also made the publication available via an Indian distri” >

  3. Purchased! Cannot wait to get my hands on this book… And to answer your question from a few posts ago: no, ironically I had to let the deadlines lapse for both of the recent projects due to the very problems the projects were about. (I laughed, anyway!) It’s a very hit and miss time for me, creatively, right now but I love what this group is doing and hope to be part of future endeavors. Love and blessings to you, dear one. ♡

  4. OMG do let me know what you think my friend! I am so glad you got a copy. I am prouder of this book than anything I have done so far, because of the quality of writing therein and the effort we put into galvanizing this. It was a lot but I truly believe so worth while. I should be so interested in your take on it. Thank you so much. Do not worry about the project deadlines I would have loved to have you in the But you don’t look sick but it’s a really hit and miss time for many and I completely understand. I will be sure to let you know of future projects ALWAYS and i am so very grateful to you in a myriad of ways for all that you do and support and are

  5. Thank you so much we appreciate you we put a lot into this project i do truly believe the writers and artists deserve all the praise and their work deserves to be read and cherished for how incredible it is

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