Reflecting the Madness and Chaos Within

I talk to Borderless about Indie Blu(e)’s Mental Health Anthology: Through The Looking Glass, (publishing soon) and the necessity of highlighting mental health.


Over 150 Authors and Artists from five continents, wrote on mental illness. Candice Louisa Daquin, a psychotherapist and writer and editor, tells us why this is important for healing

A watercolor of King Lear and the Fool from Act III, Scene ii. Courtesy: Creative Commons

When Indie Blu(e) put feelers out about creating an anthology based on mental illness, the passionate reception galvanized our belief it was a necessary subject. However, a few expressed concerns that an anthology about mental illness, would be ‘depressing’ and they wondered ‘who would want to read about mental illness?’ It is this perspective, acting like a fog, that separates those inflicted with mental illness from those who are not.

Such responses exacerbate feelings of isolation, unworthiness, and loneliness that many with mental illness already have. Through The Looking Glass, a metaphor from Alice in Wonderland, evokes this common feeling of separation, as…

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6 thoughts on “Reflecting the Madness and Chaos Within

  1. I think it’d be stranger to not be tapped by mental illness. I think the isolation of self is in many ways what we all must overcome.

  2. True. But so many say they never experience it, in fact the numbers of those who do, are really, really surprisingly low compared to what you and I might think. I expect it’s much higher though as you do.

  3. Thank you, Candice!👏
    It’s good to see anthologies like this being published.
    (Though I confess I don’t submit my own work to anywhere.
    Depression has a paralysing effect on me.)

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