Leaving WordPress – (but you are coming with me)

Please follow me at www.thefeatheredsleep.com I am still showing up in WP Reader and can read your work too. After numerous appeals to WordPress I did not get my ability to follow other WP authors reinstated. It was horribly unfair and ties my hands on WP, as part of my job is discovering and publishing talent. I’m disappointed, but I want to move on positively. In order to do this, I have decided to leave WordPress rather than condoning them.

One of my best friends built me a site. I have WordPress Reader and all those whom I follow (before I was banned from following any more) and all those who follow me (and you can continue to) will be exported with me so I can continue to read you. www.thefeatheredsleep.com

If you are not following me, you still can. When you go to my new page it gives you a way to follow me by email (Subscribe to Blog via Email on the right-hand-side of the page). If you subscribe, I will show up in your WP-Reader. www.thefeatheredsleep.com

My best friends online (although I’ve met many in real life by now) were found on WordPress. The caliber of people on WP is outstanding. I literally have met people I adore. If not for Mark, Philip, Tremaine and Susi, I might never have survived the worst of my illness and those people and others, are life-long friends.

Recently, we had a big loss in the WP community when Sue Vincent died, she was widely respected and I respected her deeply as a colleague. Her bright spirit infused everyone. Her life has touched myself and others deeply in many ways. It was actually the non creative writing that touched me the most. The her in herself. The woman she was. The process of her life.

A few years ago, we lost Paul, and many of us still remember him and think of his face. I have a photo of him that comes up in my memories often, and I never deleted his last message to me. He was one of my first friends on WP aside Eric, Rita, Tony, Pelgris, and Monique and we all knew him and cared about him. His death was tragic and senseless. Monique and I talk of him every time we talk. He walks with us.

When Natalie Scarberry passed, it was gut-wrenching. She had fought so many battles in life, and was such a rare human being because despite being in her 70’s she still had TIME for people, she still could talk about ‘a bad day‘ or empathize with others, and often life beats that out of you, but it didn’t with her. Despite having difficulties with her own mom, she was a surrogate mom to many of us. I keep her photo in my room and I think of her a lot. She will always be with me. Not in the pithy sense, but the truest sense.

Even when sick, Natalie was encouraging and loving. She wrote this on one of my posts;

You know how a pin ball machine hits all those things that make noise; when you write like this one that is so honest and raw it feels like a pin ball is hitting everything that has ever hurt me or touched me deeply and I have to wonder how that can be. And I feel sure others who read your words are impacted in the same way. You have an incredible way of understanding all the sham of life and the betrayals, we as flawed and broken humans, are subject to. Reading this was heartbreaking and at the same time spelling binding in its profound insights of existence in a fallen and flawed world.

We should never forget the value of true support and selflessness.

With each person lost, I have felt such emotions that have taught me more value and a greater understanding of the most enduring things in life. I have literally grown in my heart and soul because of knowing these people and being briefly connected to them. I shall never, ever forget them.

I am so proud of every single one of you who has been in an Indie Blu(e) anthology and as our company gets larger and more successful, we hope to have more breadth to share the works of such talented writers and artists – whom we have mostly met via WP. What a sad story then that WP would ban me from following new talent, because of an algorithm? That said, I am determined to continue to support those talents in whatever way I can and balance my day job alongside my Indie Blu(e) work, because it has literally been one of the most meaningful things I have done in years.

Thank you all. I hope you come with me when I go. Because I have learned, in going, you never really leave.

RIP Natalie, Paul, Sue & all our WP friends who have passed, but stay firmly in our hearts. We see you. We love you.

Please consider following me if you don’t already, at www.thefeatheredsleep.com

Also thanks to: Tara, Christine, Derrick & Jaqui Knight,, Jane, Erik, Mark & Chris Renney, Merril, Cordelia, Holly, Monique, Dorlinda, Bob, Aakriti, Sarah Doughty, Devika, Little Charmer, TGFJ, Philip, Helene, Mr Militant Negro, SonofaBeach, Basil, Raili, Crow, Megha, Laurie, Sunshine Jensen, AND SunJesper, Kindra, LIB, Nicolas, SuddenDenouement, Nicole Lyons, Dev, HastyWords, Black Duck, Cyranny Skye/, HMS, Henna, Braeden, Carol, JaneB, RobT, Anya,
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21 thoughts on “Leaving WordPress – (but you are coming with me)

  1. Hi. I already made my registration in your .com stay calm, you will be welcomed by your sensitivity, talent and person that you are. I like to accompany you and it’s one of the reasons to keep going. I have been battling cancer for two years and here I have always felt very strong and at peace. I thank you and know that you continue to strengthen me. always following!

  2. thank you very much I really appreciate you signing up for the site. I am sorry about you battling cancer for two years, I really am, and I hope we can all support one another. I wish you health and recovery my friend.

  3. Sorry to hear about all the trouble you’ve been having with WP, Candice. Also sorry we’ve lost touch. (Have had a bad year, physically….) Will try to check in more often with you on your new site. ❤

  4. I wrote you Betty – but wasn’t sure if you got my Xmas card this last year, and you have often been in my mind. I did reach out when we were doing the Chronic Illness anthology – it’s been a bear because of course, we’re all sick to some degree or another, so it’s a lot of work juggling this and the other anthology and working during the day etc. Anyway enough about that. I am so glad to hear from you and you never need apologize to me my friend. I am here and when you feel up to it, get in touch when you can. Give me an update. My email is the same candicelouisa@rocketmail.com – sending you lots and lots of love and so good to hear from you and see your face here. xo

  5. Ah thank you – it’s my original name from way back when and I always had it but hadn’t done anything with it aside on WP – but now I am there full time although it’s weird because I still use WP Reader so I don’t feel like I have gone. thank you for reading Amrita xo

  6. thank you it is all thanks to my friend who is a wiz at websites, and so kindly helped me massively – I appreciate you and hope we’ll stay in touch via this half on-half off method I have had to resort to! xo

  7. Oh, Candice – no, I didn’t receive your Xmas card. And it’s been painful to write so I’ve not been keeping in touch with others very well. Major frustration. Will email you when I can write more. Glad you’re continuing to write prolifically! Hope you’re feeling as well as possible. Much love back to you. 💓

  8. Dearest Penny, I really appreciate YOUR support over the years and I value you. thank you. I hope it will work – I would hate to lose my links with people I value here.

  9. Darn. You know I had three people not receive them so I am wondering about that. I’m so sorry that it’s hard to write and it’s very hard when you feel badly to do much of anything so do not beat yourself up for losing touch because if a friend is worth anything that will not be a consideration and you will pick off where you left off, and they will care as much as they ever did. Sending you lots of love. C

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