I was going to start this with ‘I’m a writer’ but I’m not really. I’m just me and I write. Sometimes I can’t write. Other times I can’t stop writing. Occasionally I feel really good about what I write. Of late I have tried to write in a direction, the direction of getting my work out there for others to read, which has been a scalding and edifying experience for one who is unaccustomed to such things.

Ultimately in this world there are not enough of us who hold a lantern to the truth. I join those ranks and dare myself to be honest more often than is comfortable. My work is the outcome.

For those who wish to judge and lament my bad syntax, see that little door behind you with ‘way out’ written on it? Don’t let me stop you from leaving. As long as I have one person I am rich. It’s not numbers, it’s intention.


A jar for the jarring  / The bright day is gone child and you are in for the dark / Illusions of existing / Sit in fever / Pinch the lock


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