220px-Beethoven_-_Concerto_in_C_minor,_cadenza.pngWhat is life?

but a pinch

a child’s voice garbled underwater

sinking like stone’s cadenza wish

for more or less

but just

this round

made with cupped hands

holding cream in meshed fingers

lift me over the wall

what do we discover?

in gardens walked with made


I have been unable to let you out of my blood

you are the circle of red wrapped around my wrist

a memory of starting point

whistling in cold pirouetting trees

I light an amber fire

to keep you from passing by

don’t stop

don’t call my name

cool the snare about my self

I may recognize

I may respond

It was ever my way


you had my brine rubbed into permanence

I was pricked on the thumb

the cast of fate showing me our join

a thin silver line not wide enough

to separate us

the villain lies in that ache

birthing longing on your shore

will you pull me closer

stitch ever, the bind fastening

a snatch of braid

wound like ivy to darken

descended skies

in timerous pause

Grant a restoration

loureedraven3Oh justice

you queer creature

when did it become


to be so clouded?

if I were a storm

I’d gather your secrets

and rub them clear

from obscured tempest

capturing land with fists of murder

Oh justice

they ask me

what I want for my future

it’s not me I am concerned for

but the child who is let-down

before he begins

pain the innocent suffer

just for resisting easier path

sin is the great reaper

so many follow and worship

it becomes hard to see clearly

what is right anymore

oh justice

I would leave this world now

my last breath

if you could grant a restoration

put order back

arrange the books on the shelf

so people will come and read

truth may be dusty

but she is sorely

in need