I tell myself

survived another day

not good to pencil your life away


distant car passenger

awkwardly eating cake

doesn’t fit in til

escaping you

walk liberated down busy Xmas streets

everyone’s got someone

you’re careful in invisibility

belonging to the still of night

licking fur in wrong direction

silence is your friend

when people form behind festivities

like badgers forage for scraps

you race

in the setting silver line of waking dream

belonging to those who

take their skates to frozen pond

wondering how many turns they can have


How I love you

​It is simple and 

So complex 

How I love you

Ernest like early riser seeks solace in sunrise and brindled first bird call eluting over dawn’s silver head 

Slow the bread shows her potential when still the warmth in radiator shivers intermittent against loath frost of night left like trail of magic and cast off slippers fading crystal wonder against first light

It is simple and so complex 

How I love you

For I stay late beneath sheets seeking your hollows to press as velvet on cold window pane blocking out day and reality with your quickening pulse and the smell of meadow grass captured in sunlight beneath your chin as holding buttercups once spoke of dreams

What need have we, for sky and cloud, our rapture relies on the spinning unravel within our hearts carrying days behind our close

As noon steps against sun with perfumed drowsiness the stage, so fragile, shivers her magic leaving cast off moments to daub rain hats for the weary, straining to part and steer ships safely to shore

Free land

​I would little deer

feel pity for you

red and mottled with cold

standing in jeun amidst graven earth

slow to turn cold

under fort of light

so it pierces and hints your russet fur

like flames last the corners of children’s smiles on bonfires night

I would be sorry you stood thin against winter’s first swallow

I suspect however it is you who feels sympathy

from your free land 

gazing as i pass

trapped behind my marrow



the lone black bird

blue feathers

stark relief

in bare tree

opening up wintered land

space revealed by absence 

tasting isolation in the air

a low caw 

cars far off adding their journey

soon the bird will lift

bright against colorless sky

where he lands 


as if aware of thin curtain

softly slung between 

one moment and another

life time

absent by shift of wind

blowing with the redeemed hands of far away

lending their secrets in ebbing diminishment

Punishing the daydream

​Rolling socks into bundles

she sees the neighbor

walk sore backed to his car

idling in reluctance 

her fingers are stiff  and crepe in this unforgiving light

no where to play at wonder or disguise truths

they lie like still catkins on shivered branch

betraying her hope for more time

as leaves first crunch underfoot 

grow soft and willing

melding with breathing earth 

returned and reborn

as all of us

seek more of ourselves

in that quick pique 

punishing the daydream