At every juncture

The challenges are


For a five year old

First learning to fit in

Can be as painful as

A ninety year olds last breath

When we inhabit that moment

In the skin of then

We are incomparable

For one shall survive a flood

And another the passing of their favorite dog

A child may cry at a bad grade

Whilst her mother learns she must lose her breast

There are few compasses

In the search for meaning

We are not

Linear beings



That part that burned to taste

Urged me to crumple up and set fire to rocket

Rushing in sky, a mauve glove of geese, maybe I’d die in pursuit

Or perhaps retain the heat of being young and urging on

Like galloping upon horse across darkened moor

Would permit youth to live evermore in witnessing starlight

I recall that impetious surge

To swallow up the entire sky

Opening my lusty mouth wide 

Consume all I could shove inside

Learning, love, adventure, dream, pain

Extinquish hesitate

Now it seems

Such a different version of me

I am no more the linx who came out in ebony hour

Thirsting for touch and feel, experiences mixed in bags of sticky fingered treats

To exist purely in a waking sleep

Smoking the reefer of self deceit, shifting always with instinctual unease

In whose arms, I longed to go, with my whole

And yet ever as if I were just passing through

Never laying down long enough to know

What struck real metal, versus weak afterglow

It was

The life we may choose to dreamily walk through

Until some bell or shackle

Maybe a curse, maybe worse

Or a loosening of something always within us, waiting to be witnessed

Halts the hedonistic child clutching her fat purse

Of fanciful, unraveled, egotism colored outbursts

Shakes her quite loose of her self satisfied joints

All the sweetness, all the spice

She is only this girl because she’s yet to find

There is so much more in the soft slowing of the mind

And when you see in an old woman’s eye

The girl she once was, held steady against her rounding shine

It is with joy you embrace the whole

Her fulcrum, glowing luminous along with moon