Her kind

ccccWhom she learned the art or dissonance of protest from

Whether it was ingrained or born on hot kitchen towel like fresh bread

Rising, the irresistible urge to devour all whilst fresh

She couldn’t say

But catching herself

Playing little shadow games

It became clear

Like the women before her she was not

A straight talker

For she was unable to speak plainly

She hurt all over

Her whole self would have confessed

Oh timorous Lord

I don’t seem capable of much

It is enough to keep my head on my shoulders?

The ache the screw the twist

I am tired before I have woken

Because truth be told

Humanity sickens my soul

And when you hate your own

There’s nowhere to go


They tried

Oh they tried

To interest her in their tête à tête

And she grew sickly

And incomplete

Only the circulated vowels of earth

Could ease her need

To be freed

Of her kind

Briefly, before retort

432a1f78aa4dbe5f9a11bd1afea97dc6What if you were?


waking up putting your feet over the side of the bed

with the harsh unrelenting knowledge before you think of anything else

I am trapped inside myself

these are my feet cankered and worn with little parchment lines drawn

for every regret I possess

I can hide all day from seeing them but come night, climbing into bed, still they will remind

you are subject to yourself

what if you are a raging inferno within smoked glass?

and everyone buys the exterior version that comes with a label?

choose your own go on, you know you want to

write it in permanent pen on the underside of my third finger

it is human bondage

as ad-verb the moustached man picks ‘mysteriously’

the Irishman says a noun; ‘predictable’

the Hipster proclaims adjective; ‘too old’

the Gen-X femme fatale scolds; ‘not enough visible scars and I hate how she can wear a skirt that tight over her scales’

and you? You don’t speak because you traded in your words for a shot and then another

drunk neat and with your elbow at perfect ninety degree angle

reflecting the awkwardness of ritual in bar window smeared with tarot gravy dust

you do not tell me

stop wearing hose in 70 degrees and if you must, choose pastel hues or flesh

flesh is the color of us all and none at all, for wolves come in multi-color and neon

you do not tell me

cut your hair though it has begun to trail across the bar like ivy once won will entomb even the redolent doll faces who obey without query their whiskered diviner

let’s see how far it goes before the world implodes, then we can sell it by the ounce for bonfires or new clothes

you do not correct

my pronouncement of life or the syllabus of strife I work against my sulfur state with enriching purpose

you could knock me off my slide so easily, bring your trained fist to my cheek, salt the wound pour a little rum and black call me a new blend of this and that

here drink it down and turn into tarmac

you could run over me, keep me flat or press your iced lips to my heat and have me beg

but it’s been a long B side and it’s time for the rain to ease, where drivers, previously intent, lessen up, watching for a break of light through cloud formation

you know why I stand here, pressing my hips against your side, empty me, chamber my void

you take me by the throat, lay me down in my own match book to sleep, watch the children dream, how deeply they ride their velvet horses

you bought me rings without names and names without ownership

I own the fierce tail of my pursuit and not much else

when we lie beneath the city listening to her caw

you are still as cold water washing over me in rinse and roar

it’s not your way to feel

you love without desire

desire without love

the rub and the rub and the rub

no fire will come

it is my conjecture this will end when the rain starts again and cars slow down even more to peer in

tin-can blurred faces seeing nudes vaulting tables and a man holding a gun

gentle as a lover without fingerprint

you place it in my mouth

then yours

the taste and smell of fire

would you have time to bruise?




Chosen cohesion 


still yourself

quiet that timber within

threatening to fall

weight around our necks

chains of emotion hidden and heavy

yoke and pull

hands touching earth

crumbling from once

staring upward

a tree with open branches

catching absorption 

closing in on itself

like a black-eyed giesha 

snaps her painted fan


her silk bound feet shuffling

toward her purpose with dust of centuries

left in tug-boat wake

softly her emboidered kimono opens to reveal

a wooden center carved out smooth

she is a boat

carrying you over glass

aimed due west where the sun inks water crest with single bristle 

as lovers will carefully trace outlines

with thin brushed follow

as two cells divide and multiply

within the tree an echo

you stood here before breathing deeply

catching the timeorous whistle of life

carrying it into you as

a silver thrush will herald her joy

in bathing sunlight

you stood here before growing undaunted

no wood cutter can touch

splinter or mar your canopy

if your briar roots

welding with center and circle

woven by creators hand

shall purchase their faith in holding tight

the seasons passing

man and his feeble reach

like children aching to climb

unable to gain leverage

take to marbles below

sheltered from restless rain

their delight drifts high

oxygenated in relief

to be a child again and round the earth

sailing for eventual peace

found somewhere along the journey

as you take my hand and we listen

our heartbeats stilling in

chosen cohesion

If I do not speak of you

0b16a4ec1deb472ce57d7652d12a39a0If I do not

speak of you

part company with the calcium in my bones

ligaments and tendons

dearticulate our fusion

unpick the stitch

reduce to oil once more

our burnishing

if I untie, dismantle, cleave


scrub away

the dust of my soul

wherein you reside

filling it whole

I am left my love

with a shadow ill substantial

unknown and unfamiliar

for it was your

hand I felt against me

your face I beheld

too long I have gazed only

at the circumstance of your make

thinking myself a different race

escaping into your darkness

when I burned within my own

thin shell

you wrapped yourself a hundred times

around my need for union

where you began and I end

nothing can anymore divide

even the wind even the sea

even time and hunger and fire

even birds of prey who believe

the desolation of my shape


if I do not

speak of you

my language

my tongue

may turn and catch in rust

clacking only a hollow sound

for you fill me

like the swell and surge of saline

roosting her storm

you fill me

like burned fields herald life in autumn

you fill me

like a flame will reflect our tomorrow

it is you and if I cannot speak of you

let us leave off this pretense, belief time will heal

a rift as jarring as breath is necessary

instead, take that plunge

long and withheld beneath waves

for surely in this glassy netherworld

I see you ahead, beckoning me to rejoin

and burst on hissing sea-foam

like mythic horses left to roam undisturbed

do not ask me

do not ask me

if I do not speak of you

I am equine in my haste

ever chasing

your wild

gallop ever




Yes it’s true

holding on too tight even when they ask you to

causes eels to revert back to nature

and seek to wriggle free

you said

hold me so tight I cannot escape

I found I was

even when I didn’t know it

never good at sharing

imagining you the idol of another

I felt your place was with me

that was wrong wasn’t it?

you were a bird in a cage

I didn’t have the key

it was down your throat

stopping you from singing

and when the storm came

you coughed up all your metal

and turned it on me

I must say

you sounded beautiful

as you flew

far beyond us both


thI find myself looking at my cold hands

Unable to warm through

Destined to be dry and desiccate

Metaphor for exhaustion

When doors are not sufficient to challenge the unease of living

When it is colder inside than without

Yet retreat is the only certainty

You wound me in ways you cannot understand

Ways I didn’t think existed

They only do if you are fool enough

Long I wait measuring time in butterflies

Ravenous for nectar they summon dormant plants to sprout

Watchful for the chant of life that accompanies the sun

When you take a drive I imagine that’s what you seek too

Some reaffirmed moment

While I can no more summon faith than tan

Beneath UV

For one it beckons an end to their winter sleep

The other, she appreciates the warmth but it is

More harmful than beneficial

As you with your rough emotions

Use scythe and sledge-hammer


And then wonder

With clueless expression

Why I bleed?

Shine on


It is not

ficklety of cat

rubbing leg in faux earnest


those clamored souls with

wine soaked language rolling ebullient

reefer in sardonic prose

It is not

deftness of entreaty wound around

stocking nor thickness of honey consumed bread

turning truth to sticky fingers

pinching air in thought

naming the stars

underneath canvas where tents

suspend redolent arias and

forest creatures lament

shrill bleat of humanities

persisting encroachment

though you

rising from steamy bath

ruddier by your delve

bright as a regained penny

shining like evening pearl


silver limbed and black of eye

rival the moon at her dearest rise


are velvet lament beneath air

a song of shivering moments

burning like freed embers

from dazzling height

you diminish never

you shine on

spreading your

arms into

hungry night