His heart

His heart

Was poorly woven

The hard basket fiber, unwilling to smoothly coil

He should have covered his heart when the boughs were green and supple

Then he was too cow, too young to know, the necessity of armor

Her face and the impossible smallness of her hands

Bewitching in their ignorance of the portent they held

Her shape, as if molded from river clay, set in sunlight

How could he realize then

The clamoring of his emotions

Drowning out the part where sense lay

Still and sirene

His heart

Was poorly woven

He did not regret

This fact

49 thoughts on “His heart

  1. I love what you did here, such a great indicator of awareness, acceptance, and love:

    “Drowning out the part where sense lay

    Still and sirene

    His heart

    Was poorly woven

    He did not regret

    This fact”

    This iss beautiful, Candice.

  2. “His heart was poorly woven”. I have been touched and in awe of these 5 words and until this morning I wasn’t able to put my mind or heart around it. For me it is haunting and beautiful at the same time. If I believe, as I do, God knew me before I was born, how could my heart be poorly woven?Yet, I see now…scripture never promises us perfection. Many times, the opposite! I fall so short on my walk of faith and fail personally in so many ways. Yet, with faith, despite my heart being poorly woven, I will try. To seek peace for myself and others. Try to help more people in need. Think less about my own selfish needs. God can call those with poorly woven hearts to serve. Listen for His whisper!

  3. I don’t think you’re selfish at all my friend I think you care more than most about people and you really have spent your life helping others. Thank you for reading this. I think many of us have unprotected parts of us that permit us to be vulnerable to hurt, sometimes it feels awful but sometimes it makes us a better person. I think that was the purpose here to show what may seem a flaw may still be what we want because to feel is surely better than to protect our hearts so much we feel nothing?

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