Pinch the lock

My fifth book, Pinch the Lock, published by Finishing Line Press (FLP) is now for sale, my apologies for any delay. If you pre-ordered your copies, you should be receiving them direct from the publisher any day now, I don’t know why they were running so late, but the book is for sale direct from the publisher and via B&N and Amazon now. I’m very grateful to all those who support me in this endeavor, thank you so much!


Pinch the lock

daquin_candice_covMy new book published by Finishing Line Press is out March. You can pre-order now at

Pre-sales influence how many books are published so pre-orders are greatly appreciated!

The actual book will be available nationally after Finishing Line publishes it, via Amazon, B&N and other book sellers and can be bought internationally also.

Thank you so much for your support it is extremely appreciated. Happy New Year!