Not changed

freja-beha-erichsen-vogue-uk-january-2014-2Tell me

if time erodes pain

why then

does time



and stalagmites

and stalactites

why does time

raise from their graves

the new land drowned and reborn

why does time

etch hurt so deeply in frown

why does memory

deepen like a well sourced burn

why do my empty arms

catch in motion and fall

lost by my side

why if time erases me

in your heart and your mind

do I stand here

years from now

in similar light

with a chest full of hurt

not altered

not changed

31 thoughts on “Not changed

  1. Perhaps because your ability to love is stronger and deeper! And you feel things more intensely!
    And your heart is bigger and more loving! Perhaps time holds these things to fine tune and teach you so that you can write such exquisite things! 🙂 ❤

  2. Natalie I agree. Some people do have an ability to love very deeply though no easily or often if more than once. As such it is a little bit uneven or unequal if the other person does not have the capacity to do so.

  3. ”Tis so true my friend. My husband loves me. I’ve never doubted that but he is very limited in his ability to express it. But the fault lies with the damage his mother did to him and so I understand but I need more than he can give so yes there are inequalities. But there are other things to be considered and weighed which balanced it out somewhat. But I could never walk away from a basically good man who does love me, who takes good care of me in other ways, and who would never physically harm me. Life is hard and we don’t always get what we want. But at some point we have to realize when want we do have is so much more than others and so it is enough. 😊❤️

  4. That’s very honest and true. I think many times in relationships we would like total equality but it’s almost impossible, it is said one always loves the other most, though I have learned love takes many forms and sometimes the more verbalized is not as honest as the acted upon xo

  5. Wow. I cannot get enough. You are a beautiful human. Your soul walks in step with the human you present to others. It is simply a joy and a relief to meet one such as yourself. You are not disrupted by self-doubt. You are your pain. You are an immortal.

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