The day had begun before I opened my eyes. Dawn was spread thin out of darkness, running in lines of glimmering color like firebranded children, their woolen fingers gingerly clutching sparklers.

Cold floor, warm sheets, where I lay curled unconscious to the emptiness of waking. Waking without you there, to murmur and move naturally, as if in-utero against me, filling me with wholeness.

Often it is said, we should learn to subsist alone. Need less, want less. Others can only risk hurting us in the long run, be it through death, loss, departure, choice.

I chose you despite this. I chose to make that hurdle from the crumbling edge of the river bank to the other side, thinking it impossible. Still I jumped, sailing through the air, seeing my legs missing my mark, reaching further, beyond what was possible. Catching the other side in my fingertips and pulling up, out of failure.

They all said, all those who become ‘they,’ the disapproving, the know-it-alls, the omnipotence, they all said, you shouldn’t take the risk.

It was a bare insult. They all done it, and survived, but the rules were different when it came to me. It was as if I were a child, a child incapable of her own making, bound to their divinity board, with the scalpel sharp against my pieces.

For all who were ‘they’ it was clear, ‘they’ didn’t know me. I was never a child who listened well enough, I was too high up in the tree limbs to hear when they scolded and found my mud stained shoes thrown off.

For the girl with different rules, without rule, there was only the instinct followed by the outcome. I leapt across and I watched myself, clear the jump and claim you. Inspite of it all.

Now you are gone, and I can fit into their net of told-you-so’s at long last. I am the emptied woman. The one who sleeps until the very last moment in a vain attempt to quench consciousness.

You will not return. It is not your way to change your mind. As it was not my way to alter my trajectory, coming like a star out of darkness, pinned on you.

What a fool, they will say. What a mistake, they will cluck. And I will spin my hair into clouds and ruise, above the words, the noise.

I am reminded of the saying, better to have tried than not at all. It doesn’t apply in this world I live. It does apply to me because I only know how to try, not how to win.

I am not a good American girl. I stood in the sidelines, I did not have the competition burning in my throat. I did not want to cheer.

But I am a good American traveler. At night I reach as far as my celestial body will carry me, into the caves of others, searching for you.

Yes I have not given up. I know you will be there eventually and I will witness it. The moment you discover, I didn’t stop looking.

When two lie so close the heartbeat of one becomes the other and beneath them both stirs, a symphony, how can they separate?

Do you think death will have the claim to take you far away and never again let me beside you? This is false. I am stronger than death. I have love.

You may be cold now, you may be afraid, but I am on my way, I will travel no matter the cost, it will take time, but I will find you.


59 thoughts on “Forever

      1. Again your words have honored me. I consider you to be the superior poet, however, so I feel the same when you like any of my own poems. Thank you so much for again honoring me. And I would bow humbly to you.


      2. I do wish we lived nearer, if we did I would suggest we go for a long walk and talk of everything. I find that the best thing to do with a friend and you are a friend – one whom I wish I could spend actual non-online time with, which is rare for this semi-recluse, but you have a spirit that makes me feel that way (a good thing)

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That sounds so nice! I too am a semi-recluse, partly because of chronic pain. So we’d have to settle for a short walk and then maybe a cup of tea sitting in the garden sunshine. But the idea would be the same. Two kindred spirits catching up. 💮💮


  1. Oh, God. Death. Irreversible. I was relating to you at first, until the death . . . she went away from me out of choice, not something so undoable. But I hope she thrives, I hope she finds someone much better than me. I didn’t deserve her, anyway. My heart hurts, though. Hurts for you too, after reading this. Bless you, madam.


      1. I have been there and will be there again. Such is the cycle of sadness and upward climb – just know this YOU are worth the climb and the effort so NEVER give up on yourself. Other people (myself included) rate you highly not just for your writing skills but the person you appear to be (and I have good intuition about people so there!). I know it gets nigh unbearable but never give up – one day the pieces will fit better together and the pain will lessen. You are so worth it my friend

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    1. What lovely words to read. You honor me. Thank you so much. I am very, very appreciative of your encouragement. Thank you. If you liked this I would recommend the book FOREVER I forget the author (male) it’s incredible and to some extent many have inspired this.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Please let me know what you think! I hope you like it I find it impossible to imagine you won’t because it blew me away, so glad you ordered it! Have a safe and lovely trip and when you are back LMK I hope you like it and it’s fun sharing passions of books – there are so many I don’t connect with but this one really touched me xo

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  2. “darkness, running in lines of glimmering color like firebranded children” … Wow.
    This gave me major chills: “I know you will be there eventually and I will witness it. The moment you discover, I didn’t stop looking.”


  3. Candice Louisa,
    Very sweet remembrance verses!
    Also, you wrote: “What a fool, they will say. What a mistake, they will cluck. And I will spin my hair into clouds and ruise, above the words, the noise.” —- and rise above?
    Yes, I still read every word.



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